InuYasha and Kagome Higurashi. The caught my heart just at the beginning. He was different, so unique compare to all heros of a series. He was not one or the other. He was full human or full youkai. He was half and half. This made him unique. He had the strength to protect, but the heart to love. Kagome brought the latter of the two out of him. She was a woman who showed him kindness and compassion. She was the first woman to cry for him besides his mother. Their love, no their journey, it is timeless just as they are within the past.

Ⅰ. InuYasha → protect the one who will cherish him.
Ⅱ. Kagome Higurashi → mortal girl from the future who brings joy to someone
Ⅲ. Their Relationship → a distant apart through time, but together in heart
Ⅳ. The Final Act → the last stage of the series, to be with you or not
Ⅴ. Kikyou → the past love who once held the heart of our hanyou
Ⅵ. Kouga → wolf youkai who claims his love for our future girl
Ⅶ. Quotes → sayings of anger, sayings of hate, sayings of love