half human, half youkai - doesn't belong to one or the other - InuYasha

InuYasha, a half youkai. His mother was mortal while his father was a pure youkai. Since before he was born, he was already mistreated. It became even worse after his mother passed away. He didn't know his father since his father passed away right after he was born. However, he does know that his father was a a great dog youkai of the west, and that he had an older half brother name Sesshomaru who despised him ever since he drew his first breath.

InuYasha wasn't a coward. Sure, he hid when he was small, but that was only to survive from the much bigger youkais that were after him. That didn't make him a coward, though. That made him smart, cunning, and quick. He shows his strength when he protects his friends, especially a certain mortal woman that has captured his heart.

Tessaiga, his birthright. This sword was created for InuYasha to protect the ones he loves. This sword wasn't only to protect the girl he would fall in love with, but to protect himself. He needed the sword to prevent him from turning full youkai. Lucky for him, though, the love and fierce protection he had for this mortal girl, he only transformed a couple of times.