the tragic priestess that our hanyou first loved - Kikyou

InuYasha met Kikyou 50 years before Kagome awoke him when he first tried to steal the Shikon no Tama from her. She sensed a different aura about him, stating that they were similar because they were both outsiders. InuYasha was a hanyou who wasn't accepted by humans or youkai while Kikyou was a priestess who walked a path of blood and violence, unable to live the life of an ordinary woman. She used this as an excuse for being unable to kill him, even after he tried a second time to steal the Shikon no Tama Eventually, Kikyou and Inuyasha's relationship grew to a point where they were comfortable enough to speak with each other up close.

After some time together, InuYasha and Kikyou both decided to use the Shikon no Tama to make InuYasha a full human, granting both of them the lives of normal humans. However, their dream was prevented because of another hanyou named Naraku, born from the body of a wounded bandit who secretly lusted after Kikyou and coveted the Shikon no Tama, tricked InuYasha and Kikyou into betraying each other. Kikyou lost her life after she was attacked by Naraku, who was disguised as InuYasha, and sealed InuYasha into a 50 year slumber.

After Kikyou's death, it was Kagome's turn to take her place and heal the hanyou's wounded heart. However, after Kikyou was resurrected by the youkai Urasue using parts of Kagome's soul, it was always difficult for Kagome. InuYasha had a bad habit of disappearing to see Kikyou leaving Kagome heart broken to point that she was unsure about returning to the fuedal era. Kagome always thought it would be easier for her to stay in her time and allow InuYasha to join Kikyou. However, her love for the hanyou made her return. She knew she was alive, one difference she had from Kikyou. She wanted to prove to InuYasha that he had more to live for than giving up on life. He needed to forgive himself for what happen and look towards the future.