Music Videos

Music Videos are created when using images from a series and put them together with music. We see music videos all over the place from Country Music to even Pop Music. The same goes with with people or fans creating music videos towards their favorite character or pairing and their favorite song. Below are just a few locations that you can find music videos. For one site, I listed a couple of my favorites that you can create an account for and watch.

YouTube is probably the most popular place to look. In the search bar, all you need to do is put InuYasha and Kagome Higurashi in and click search. There will be plenty of videos dedicated to them.

Anime Music Video is another location. This is a site dedicated to music videos towards anime. For this site, you do need an account. However, I have made it easy for you and have listed my top favorites from this place:

» Everything I do I do it for you by: TWINS11
» InuYasha's Lady by: ALLUNACZIONDRAKE
» Book of Days by: TAKIKO
» Because You Live by: BALLETBABE
» Broken by: PANDA122004