Fanart and Fanfictions

Writing and viewing are two different ways to view the couple. Fan-made things such as fanart and fanfiction are easy ways to show dedication to a character or couple. Below are a few sites where you can find both. and are two popular sites that house large variety of different fanfictions not only dedicated to InuYasha and Kagome, but to a wide variaty of other sieries. I love reading different ones from both sites and even creating my own. The good thing about each fanfiction is that it lets you know what it is rated, what language it is in, what type of fanfiction it is such romantic, angst, general), if it is completed or not, and how many words there are in each writing piece. I have listed my top favorites from both sites, but trust me, there are plenty there that you will find and enjoy:

Winter Rose: She loved him. Yearned for him. But in the end, one can't wait forever.

Chronicles: A new quest begins for InuYasha and Kagome. Answers come from the strangest of places, and sometimes the truth you seek really can change your life. Sometimes the greatest truths in life can be found by understanding the life of another.
WARNING: This fanfic is rated M for Mature Content.

Metamorphosis: InuYasha and Kagome discover that sometimes loving your friends means giving up a little part of yourself, too...
WARNING: This fanfic is rated M for Mature Content.

Torrent: Spontaneous decisions lead to life-changing realizations. InuYasha must decide what is more important, an old friend or a new life as Kagome struggles to find her own identity in a world created for another.
WARNING: This fanfic is rated M for Mature Content.

Deviantart is the best place to find fanart related to our favorite pairing. Searching isn't easy, but occasionally, some good images come up, too. If all fails, the best place to look happens to be google. I have added a few of my favorites. I credit the original artist of all the images. These were not created by me: